APAAACI Newsletter - 2016

The President’s message

On the re-launch of the website and the newsletter of APAAACI, I am very happy to welcome you all.

The main purpose of an academic association is scientific communication. For this, usually two implements are taken, i.e. congress and journal.
Since the first Congress in 1992 in Bangkok, APAAACI Congresses have contributed not only to the scientific progress but also to the cultural interchange between different countries of our region.

Six years ago, APAAACI launched its journal, Asia Pacific Allergy, which has successfully established a publication platform for the researchers of its Member Societies.

Unfortunately, we are still lacking in human power and financial resources to operate the Association effectively to serve its mission. In particular, publication of the journal is being fiscally jeopardized despite the exceptionally devotional effort of the editors. Sometimes we seem to have forgotten the spirit of our founders - the spirit of collaboration and mutual understanding. I think this is the right time for reconfirmation of the agreement the founders had reached.

Happily, our Newsletter has been reactivated in a new format. On this occasion I wish every Member Society to participate in the COMMUNICATION on its own initiative for science, for all patients and populace in the region and ultimately for ourselves.

Hee-Bom Moon

Editor’s note

Dear all,

It is my great honour to present a brand new APAAACI website to you all. When I was given this task by the President, Professor Hee Bom Moon, to revamp the website, I was a bit intimidated by this daunting task. It took us a few months to rework it and I would like to show you our efforts here. Although there are flaws and insufficiencies, I am sure that the website will be perfected soon with all your input and contribution.

We sincerely hope that this website will become not only a channel of news and announcements, but also a platform of academic and social communication between all sister societies of APAAACI.

We will try to feature here all the important meetings and news in the region and beyond as well as publishing abstracts and guidelines of important advancements of Allergy and Immunology here. It is our wish that all member societies and their members can regularly visit the website for information that they seek.

Please kindly give us your feedback and comments for us to continue to improve your website and kindly contribute to the website by sending in news and photos of your societies.

Thank you.

Dr. Helen Chan.
Chief Editor,
APAAACI website.

Upcoming Events

2020 APAAACI Congress
The House of Delegates will also vote for the member society which will host the 2020 APAAACI congress.

Please look out for these news after the congress!

The Joint Congress of APAAACI and APAPARI 2016 is near!
The Joint Congress will be hosted by MSAI and held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


The Joint Congress of APAAACI and APAPARI 2018
The Joint Congress of APAAACI and APAPARI 2018 will be held in Thailand.

APAAACI Board Meeting
Date: Oct. 17th 2016
Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm
Place: Pahang Room

House of Delegate Meeting
Date: Oct. 18th 2016
Time: 12:00pm-2:30pm
Place: Kelantan Room

Editorial Board Meeting
Date: Oct. 19th 2016
Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm
Place: Kelantan Room

Current and New APAAACI Board Member Meeting
Date: Oct. 19th 2016
Time: 1:00pm-2:00pm
Place: Kelantan Room

Amendment of the Constitution
Under the leadership of the President, Hee Bom, amendments in the constitution were proposed and discussed and voted on last November in Seoul during the WAO meeting by many delegates of APAAACI. The final version will be presented to the House of Delegates on the 18th of October in Kuala Lumpur.

New Executive Committee
The Next Executive Committee will also be voted in at the House of Delegates meeting.

Photo Gallery

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